Beyond business

Mapro Foods has a flat organisational structure where management and employees work hand-in-hand. Lunch is cooked in the common canteen for one and all, including guests, who all eat the simple, sumptuous and wholesome meal together. Employees who have put in a number of years of service are recognised and felicitated. The education of children of employees is encouraged and supported and employees’ families are included in all celebrations.

Mapro has successfully led the socio-economic upliftment of people in this region. Besides men, women have had the means of earning a livelihood too, and there is a focus on education of the younger generation.

The development of the village of Gureghar, comprising around 70 families, between 1971 and 1985, is a case-study in itself. It started out with 12 persons working as permanent employees at the Gureghar fruit processing unit, with the rest into subsistence farming. But for them too, there was hope. They had continuous and sustained income with a ready market at their doorstep. They started growing strawberries, with technical guidance from Mapro, and today the region has the highest produce of strawberries in all of India, one of the major catalysts for the manifold increase in tourist inflow over time.

All these achievements have been through sustainable means, keeping the region’s ecology in mind. Gureghar boasts of being one of the first villages to have 100% sanitation with every house having their own biogas plant.

Today, statistics reveal 100% employment in the village, with none under poverty line, and 100% literacy with a 0% dropout rate. Mapro’s vision does truly extend beyond business.